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Oakland House
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Herricks Landing
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Blue Hill Reversing Falls.

Blue Hill Reversing Falls from the ocean side.One of my favorite things about visiting a new place is exploring all the region has to offer. The other day was a beautiful day to go for a drive. We drove from Oakland House Seaside Resort to Blue Hill via the scenic route (which is any route you choose to take). The drive from Blue Hill to the reversing falls was absolutely beautiful, with Blue Hill Bay a shimmering blue blur on the left and lush green trees all around.

Once we reached the Reversing Falls Bridge we parked along the shoulder (that's all the parking available but it's wide) and climbed down the bank to the water's edge. The tide was coming in and the exceptionally clear ocean water was rushing in under the Bridge towards the Salt Pond. The tide was nearing it's high point. Because there is so much water forced into the narrow channel by the rising tide, standing whitecap waves are formed flowing upstream in the middle of the rushing water. At times the waves can be up to 3 feet high and from 100-200 yards in length depending on the tide. the best time to see the falls is 1-2 hours before high tide.

View from Reversing Falls Bridge toward the ocean. I have heard from the local residents that this is a great plact to kayak, raft, canoe, or float by inner tube. It is not for the inexperienced however. I did a little research on the internet and found more information at www.paddletrips.net/bluehill. Although the day I was there I didn't see any kayakers I believe this water could definitely give a paddler a challenge. The inland Salt Pond is quite large as seen on a map. There is even an island in the Pond. A great day trip for a canoe enthusiast too!

The surrounding shore has large boulders to sit on and the calm eddies by the shore provide cool ankle deep relief from summer heat.

Sally took my picture as I walked along the bank of the Salt Pond.The Reversing Falls Bridge was built in 1926.

Written by Heather Ross

[Artist painting a picture of classic white church.][Delicately scented rugosa rose.][Schooner sails into Bucks Harbor, Brooksville, Maine.]

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