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Homestead East Cottage Description:

The woodsy green (in color) sunrise side of the Homestead Duplex is on a rocky bluff at the edge of the sea. It has easy drive-up access. Knotty pine paneling, queen bedroom (to sleep 2), eat-in living room with hide-a-bed couch (sleeps 2 extra) and fireplace, bathroom with tub and shower. Kitchenette with conduction hot plate, microwave oven and full-sized refrigerator. Homestead East is connected via a two-door hall to the sunset side Homestead West. It is private, yet is often used by families and friends who want to vacation in close proximity to one another. There is a wonderful oceanfront rustic patio with each side of this duplex. The view across the ocean to Pumpkin Island Lighthouse and the setting sun starts just a few feet from the oceanside door. Cottage Maximum 4. No pets, thank-you.
Homestead East Cottage is the east side of a duplex.Homestead East has plenty of parking. It's at the edge of a field along the ocean.
The living room faces the ocean. There is a great view. I didn't have logs for a fire for this picture.A cozy bedroom now with a queen-sized bed.
Full bathroom at Homestead East Cottage.There is a microwave oven, full refrig., etc.
There is a nice place to relax, daydream, read.Look out toward Pumpkin Island Lighthouse and the Camden Hills.


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