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Mainers' vanity provides amusement on your trip

Maine is very much a state of free thinkers. This is humorously evidenced by the license plates on Maine vehicles. We just returned from a day trip to Kennebunkport via I-95. What fun we had reading the "vanity" license plates on Mainers' vehicles. There is no end to the creativity expressed within the space of 7 letters.

I hastily jotted down some of the more interesting ones spotted on our northbound trip: ALIENS, GO DRGNS, and DA TROLL. This was such fun that when I went to Bangor a few days later I took my time, a piece of paper and a pencil ready to take notes. The wealth of creative vehicle registration lettering continued: VISTA, SLUDGE, SWEET-P, TANS VAN, LUNAR 76, MAINAH, B KEEPA (on a farm truck), BUILD (on a van parked at the local builder's supply store), SNOOP, HEAT IT (on a heating and plumbing truck), OLD BOY, RABIT, BLUE M&M, UH HUH, and DOO WOP.

One person said residents have nothing else to do in the long winter but think up license plate names. [You've arrived at Oakland House Seaside Resort.]I believe Mainers are creative as a way of life. You have to be a jack of all trades, be resourceful, and inventive when you don't have the right tool to do the job and the hardware store is 50 miles away. That's how Gramp Herrick did it. That's how it's still done. Ayuh!

As you drive watch for special interest plates (which include conservation plates with a loon or a chickadee, Black Bear plates for University of Maine sports enthusiasts, Disabled Special Veteran plate, Lobster Research, Education and Development plate with a small lobster) or plates belonging to a member of the Native American Wabanaki tribe. These are all part of the array. I personally think the plates get more creative the nearer you get to Oakland House Seaside Resort. We're all having fun with this. Lately we've seen: PUMPKIN, FLY BOY, BIG FSH, BUH BYE, and MY BUGEE.

Reading license plates is fun and will pass time on your drive. When you see OAKLNHS you'll know you've arrived. We can't be far away.

[Artist painting picture of classic white church in Brooklin, Maine][Delicately scented rugosa rose.][Schooner sailing into Bucks Harbor, Brooksville, Maine.]

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